Environmental management

Our environmental sensor beats all others. Packed with relevant features it is the perfect addition to Racktivity monitoring devices.

Environmental management

Racktivity developed the E²Sensor Family to give you visibility of the environmental situation of your data centers and remote infrastructure.

Whether you are looking to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage, movement, smoke detection or other parameters we have the E²Sensor available to fit your needs. The E²Sensor is designed to work with any Racktivity product featuring an R-BUS connector which includes the EnergySwitch smart PDUs, AC²Meter and DC²Meter.

The E²Sensor is a compact environmental sensor of 5cm (2 inches) that comes equipped with an OLED display. Deployment is simple via the standard RJ45 daisy chain connections and features multiple rack mount options. A simple push button allows instant control of all available metrics such as temperature, humidity, leak detection, motion detection, rack door close sensor, smoke indication…

The sensors are fully compatible with our DCPM, a Service Provider Infrastructure & Data Center Performance Management System, allowing you a complete monitoring and management solution of critical environmental metrics in your data centers and/or smaller distributed infrastructures.

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